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If you use only Youtube links, I've found a simple backend change in IP.Content can work. It only works if you had a 3.x site with IP.Content and upgraded to 4.x.

Here are my notes for how I managed to convert an upgraded site's video database into a 4.x functional database:

  • Upgrade from 3.x to 4.x.
  • Using a SQL tool (such as HeidiSQL) navigate to your cms_database_fields table.
  • Find the "Media" row from the field_key column, and look for the field_type of mt_ccs_media
  • Change the field_type to Youtube
  • In the ACP, find this Youtube media field and set it to be the "Content" type field for the database.

That's it. It doesn't fully restore all functionality, but it at least provides the basics....

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