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Twitter Connect button doesn't Twitter Connect


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I've searched all over for this and found nothing.

If I'm logged out and I click the small Twitter Connect icon in the top right, instead of logging me in it just takes me to the login page. If I then click the big button there, it works fine. It also works if I load the pop-up and sign in with that.

Tried it here and on a 5-day demo (also, for some reason the pop-up doesn't seem to be working here, but works fine on the demo).

It also seems to be making an HTTP request to twitter.com during all this, but I still don't get logged in. I can see why you'd want it to redirect to the login page if the twitter account isn't associated with anyone, because in theory you could click it thinking the twitter icon is just part of the Sign In link, but it doesn't seem to be working at all for me.

Is this the intended behaviour?

(Not tested: Facebook Connect)

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