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Feedback on 3.2 and also support....


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First off I will admit that I normally only jump on here when I have a problem I need to resolve so often times it seems like I am complaining when in reality I am just trying to quickly resolve an issue that's bugging me.

Anyway.... I just wanted to take a second and make a different kind of post thanking you all for this latest release and for your awesome support that goes along with it.

The recent changes to the suite places this product above and beyond anything else available by a MILE! I was on the fence when I first moved from vbulletin but now I KNOW I have made the right choice. My members love 3.2 and so do I. THANK YOU!

Also - your support is rock solid and the best I have ever received from a software company. I got so sick of vbulletin and their copy / paste support responses and totally unwillingness to help. You all are like a breath of fresh air.

So thank you for everything! You're appreciated!

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cmiller: I admit that you have gotten a reputation as a negative person and it's nice to see that perception is not true [img]



I'll be honest - I have been running forums since '97.. originally started with UBB like most of us, and eventually moved on to vbulletin and now invision.

My bad attitude has carried on for some time because UBB and vbulletin never listened to their customers. I never had positive feedback after any upgrade and that got old after a while. Those companies could have cared less and looking back, I guess that's why they have gone the way of the dinosaur? :)

I apologize for my negativity - it was not out of frustration for IPS products. It was years of built up frustration that i had brought with me.

This upgrade to 3.2 has my members smiling, and of course me too. I am really excited about making this jump and can't wait to see what's next.

Thanks again
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