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Suggestion on reading long pm's


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This isn't a big issue, but I just noticed it on 3.2.0

When viewing a pm, and there are many replies, it's breaking them up into pages. When you get to the third page of replies.... it's taking three more page loads and clicks to see the newest message.

So rather then clicking the notification and being taken to the new message, you now have to click "next page" twice to get to the newest message and read it.

It would be my suggestion to either have them all on one single page and just scroll as in the past, or have it take you to the page with the unread message when clicking the notification of a new message.


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Apparently, when you receive a new message you click the icon to the left hand side (a circle/dot i think) it takes you to the newest message. This is only from the messenger front page.

However, like you say, if you click the notification it takes you to the first page, not the newest message.

Also, a quick tip. Click where it says page (the grey rectangle) and you can jump to any page.

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