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Download: [mm31] Clicksor - Aggressive Advertising, High Revenue


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File Name: [mm31] Clicksor - Aggressive Advertising, High Revenue
File Submitter: Mod-Mall.com
File Submitted: 02 Aug 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This modification is for the Clicksor ad network. It is unofficial and not endorsed by them.

If you use the link provided in the read me to register for the service I will earn a referral fee (which does not effect your own earnings).

What is Clicksor
Clicksor is like Google Adsense apart from it allows for more 'aggressive' advertising basicly it allows you to utilize things other than just banners such as:

  • Pop Unders

    Ads that 'pop under' a users browser just like pop ups... These are usually high earners with a CPV (pays you per view).

    Someone who gets 100,000 page views a day can expect to earn around $240-$350
  • Interspacial Ads

    These ad's appear inbetween views on your website... again these are high earners with a CPI model (pays you per impression).

    Someone who gets 100,000 page views a day can expect to earn around $500-$700
  • Inline Text Ads

    These ads put links in your websites texts to advertiser, these work on a CPC model (pays you per click).

    These depend on the type of audience but if you got 150 clicks a day, you would be looking at around $4.50 - $7.50

I've provided screenshots of these ad's below. You can utilize as little or as much as these as you want, set the frequency that they appear, as well as other additional options.

If you implemented all this methods you could be earning (on a 100,000 page view site) $1057.50 a day.

What This Mod Does
This modification adds all the options for the above Ad Types but also allows you to
  • Turn the entire Clicksor network on/off according to usergroup
  • Turn certain Ad Types on/off according to usergroup
  • Enable inline ads to only work in topic page

It then inserts the Javascript for you into the page.

This advertising is very high impact and may frastrate your website's visitors I suggest you try it out yourself before enabling it for your visitors.

Also consider only enabling it for guests, then you may be able to point them towards registering in order to get Ad Free viewing.

Click here to download this file
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