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Download: Invision Impulse Smiles (PSD)


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File Name: Invision Impulse Smiles (PSD)
File Submitter: XiuzSu
File Submitted: 03 Aug 2011
File Category: GDK (Graphic Development Kits)

Name: Invision Impulse Smiles (PSD)
Author: XiuzSu
Date Created: Wednesday, August 03, 2011 (12:37 AM).
Includes: A PSD that will allow you to create an unlimited amount of emotions (Standard Photoshop knowledge required).
Side Notes: With this PSD you can create a limitless amount of emotions with the Invision Impulse Smiles already pre-made in the PSD.
You must reveal the hidden layers to show your desire smile (start from the bottom).
Don't claim as your own.
How to use:

  • In other to use this file you must have Photoshop or a graphic program that can handle/edit PSD file types.

Click here to download this file
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All I used as a base was the face structure, just like you used the default IPB skin as a base for your Army skin.
Everything was created by me (you can buy the file and see for yourself if you wish).
I didn't saw the need to waste time recreating the wheel all over.

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