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Download: (TH) The Car Show


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File Name: (TH) The Car Show
File Submitter: TheHappenen
File Submitted: 01 Aug 2011
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

In this skin there are many things included. I have spent quite a bit of time trying to make it look appealing, Dimitry also took a lot of time and editing to make this skin user friendly, however still good looking and make sure things are intact.

Download Includes:

3 PSD's
Importing XML Files
RAR Files (Just in-case someone wants it for some reason)

This download will allow you to upload this site to your 3.2.0 board. This skin is universal with ipb app's!

As you can see, there are other images at the bottom of this details page. You will be able to see what the skin looks like and how it fits on pages.

We hope everyone likes this skin and there will be more in the future and even better! This is one of the starting files to (TH) - TheHappenen!


Click here to download this file

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Nice job mate though got 1 issue to report so far.

At the verry bottom of the index page, next to the RSS button, Change Theme, Mark Community Read, Help and Licenced To are not visible due to the white font color. Can this be changed somewhere into black or dark grey ?

Note : this is only the case after you have logged in, as guest, all is visible as these words are on a gray background ...

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