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Download: [3.2] Xbox 360 Theme


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File Name: [3.2] Xbox 360 Theme
File Submitter:
File Submitted: 31 Jul 2011
File Updated: 13 Oct 2011
File Category: Professional Skins

A very professional and light skin for any Xbox 360 Gaming Community!

Demo: HERE
* The default template should be Xbox 360, but if it's not change it to "GamerCards v1.00"


  • Logo PSD
  • XML Files

This is my second template, and I like really like this template. Please rate, comment, and give feedback.

Price is now $1.50 instead of $10

Click here to download this file
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You mean you did not intend for it to happen while copy pasting our CSS?

I find it funny how you even jacked the terrible coding.


My site or a site w/ my skin isn't coremodding.net - That's a completly defferent place.
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Getting an error when adding the image set in ACP during skin install.


Wow, thanks for reporting this. I am in the process of finding a backup of the images that work.
You bought this at the wrong time, I was about to close the skin!
Add me on AIM: Miles360x
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