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Application & Hook Management

Ocean West

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There seems to be too many places to go in the ACP to adjust all the settings of a hook or application,

I wish all the relevant settings for an app exist in the app itself including the hooks (on off) and other options provided by the app.
there seems to be a lot of ACP acrobatics to configure an App.


I would like to call for a one stop shop for HOOK organization in that I mean for all hooks that produce a visual output such as a side bar block on the index - There are many hooks that have no such output, but are listed there making it harder to determine the true order of what will display on the index.

A simple list of hooks that produce visual display and allow site admin to order them as they are to be displayed to maintain a sites look and feel.


Tab organization requires a third party app (FusionMenu) or template diving to get your navigation tabs to display in the order that the site admin wishes, the App management gives you some control as long as you keep the items within their groups: Root Apps, IPS AddOns, 3rd Party Addons. -

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