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Thank You IPS!


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As the webmaster (and also a Scout Leader) for 1st Ince and Elton Scout Group in England, I'd like to thank IPS for their fantastic suite of software, moreso with the latest version of IP.Board and related applications!

When I first setup the website last year, I wanted to be able to update it quickly and easily, but without the hassle of a full blown CMS (the likes of Joomla or Drupal), I wanted something where I could still code custom HTML for my pages, but without having the hassle of editing every page to update the menu when adding new content - which is where IP.Content comes in extremely handy with it's tight integration with IP.Board and it's powerful inbuilt template system.

And that's not all (with IP.Content), the database's feature is fantastic, I use it to manage media on the website, and hopefully, in the future I hope to use it for our membership records and we hope to make use of the articles system too.

And with the latest IP.Board 3.2.0, the overhaul of it's visual style and the re-write of the calendar are just some of the feature we're taking advantage of and is something our visitors and members are enjoying! Which is doing something scary, keeping us as a Scout group organised!

To top it all off, what finishes IP.Community software off for us is the fact it's easily managed in a single, simple admin interface!

So thank you IPS for your software, I'll be honest when I say that I don't think I'd have pulled the site off as well without your software.

What could IPS do to make me happier?

Probably not going to happen, but some sort of discount scheme for charities and non profits, even if it's a small amount - every little helps!

Are there any other charities/non-profits, or even Scout Groups out there using IPS products?

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