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Vertical photos not being cropped


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I am a big fan of IP products and a supporter, but this time I have to raise my voice to be heard as a customer.

With Gallery 3.2 we are facing a bug which is preventing our contributors to be uploading their photos. The reason is that the Gallery 3.2 isn't able to crop vertical images to thumbnails, instead it scales them down to a thumbnail and fills the sides of the photo by black background. This bug is not acceptable from the visual aspect of our presentations.

I have initiated a record in the Tracker 2 weeks ago, but despite my additional 5 inputs, it is still being labelled as unfiled. I have raised a Ticket as well, but support department cannot help as this is a dev issue.

With this particular case I am missing the feeling that my problem is being addressed seriously. Unlike other issues which have always been resolved to my satisfaction.

I would appreciate any feedback from the IP team on this subject.

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