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Multi-Moderation Expansion

• Jay •

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Multi-moderation is a great feature that I love to use, but it's one of the most undeveloped features in the board (over time... it does a lot, but hasn't changed much).

Could we have some codes added to multi-mod to make the auto-post bit more dynamic? Codes such as:

#op (author of original post)
#orig (forum a topic originated)
#dest (forum a topic is being moved to)

Also, multi-quote support would be nice for multi-mod setups where we only want to have an easy reply to a frequently brought up subject inside a thread, where we can click the Multi-Quote button, select the Multi-Mod, and submit. Then the Multi-Mod would quote the multi-quoted post (whether it was one or more posts), add the auto-reply and perform any other selected actions.

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