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Download: Forum user solution {IPB} ~ API System

NukeZilla v1

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File Name: Forum user solution {IPB} ~ API System
File Submitter: NukeZilla v1
File Submitted: 29 Jul 2011
File Updated: 29 Jul 2011
File Category: Generic Tools

First of i like to thank Djekl for helping me connecting it to the database credit goes to him and helping improve api layout.

How to use:

Upload IPB
Go to forum folder

Upload file


Then head to the forum and then add this api/?=username

Sorry for the images my webbrowser playing up a bit :S

Click here to download this file

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Woah, this don't have any permission restrictions ?
If it isn't this is a great way to take down the server by DDOS and this becomes a leak of user privacy

It will be great if you created something like following Connect API with loads of features and permissions restrictions, so user can either allow or deny sharing his/her information.



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