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Facebook gets a lot of attention, but they account for only about 10% of www traffic. Which platform accounts for more? Wordpress, or about 15% of all www. Google loves blogs. Google loves WP.
Not Wordpress related, but It's not all about text. Readers and advertisers expect a richer graphic experience. Most forum content has changed little since days. Gallery is making progress, but adding images has to be drop-dead simple. Want to find a successful forum? Find one with a lot of user generated images. Finally, reputation needs to be leveraged more. It ought to be displayed prominently in the user info pane of every post by default. It should be searchable and rankable. SO much more could be done with it. See for reputation done right (including awards). Richer platform feedback leads to richer user interaction. Wow, indenting is horribly broken. I gave up.

[*]Facebook has a plugin that allows you to comment on Wordpress using your Facebook login. Why doesn't allow IPS offer a plugin allowing comments using your forum login? While IP.Content might be seen as a competing platform, MANY IP.Board forums are married to a Wordpress blog. IPS/WP integration would promote more commenting. [*]Why isn't there a plugin that allows IP.Board forum posts to be promoted to a Wordpress blog as a post? Selected usergroups could be presented a "promote to blog" button. Click on a post, add an image via the forum interface, viola new Wordpress blog post regarding a popular or engaging forum post.



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