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This is what I pay for


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I get nothing bu fast courteous replies and help from the sales staff and technicians here at Invision.

I just bought another Invision license along with a bunch of other products and within 24 hrs it is up and running! I have never been told no or wait until...

I will admit when 3.0 came out I did not like it at all but now I am a huge fan of Invision and no forum software comes close. A lot of my friends who swore by V bulletin are selling or have sold there licenses and making the move over here.

Keep up the good work and Invision developers keep trying new things.

Now all I have to do is learn IP content and Blog and the 3.2 software. I guess I am not sleeping for a few days :)

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Some staff member is going to read the title and like me think ........ Oh dread god...... Oh no...... *sigh* ...... What now?!?

Boy are they going to be pleasantly surprised. :D

I've only used the support 3x and generally agree.... So far, so good..... I'll write my review after I'm up for renewal. ;)

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