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Tags not working as I'd expect


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I previously used the Topic prefix/tags addon (third party) but had hopes that tags/prefixed in 3.2.0 would let me not have to use third party addons. My intentions are to have a prefix which marks a topic as "resolved". With the current implementation this makes it impossible.

Yes you can use "use first tag as prefix" but the thing is that you cannot enter a tag before the other tags, toy can only enter is last....

So I start a topic and enter tags X, Y and Z. Fine.

When my topic is resolved I would like to mark it as solved.

I now have to delete X, Y and Z, enter "RESOLVED" as the first tag and then again apply X, Y and Z.

Am I the only one wishing for more possibilites using tags/prefixes? I do want to stay away from third party addons so I am putting my faith in IPS hands....

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