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Download: Uniform 3.2.x


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File Name: Uniform 3.2.x
File Submitter: ehren.
File Submitted: 27 Jul 2011
File Updated: 25 Oct 2011
File Category: Light Skins

Uniform 3.2.x by ipbforumskins.com

Uniform is a chameleon type skin which applies a single background image throughout the entire forum, including maintitle bars and icons. The background image can be changed by your members, and they are able to add their own custom background by inserting a URL to their own image.

The skin is compatible with IP.Board 3.2.x including all official IPS applications including Gallery, Blogs, Downloads, Chat, Calendar, IP.Content and Nexus.

Skin features


Customizable backgrounds
All members on your forum can change their background image to one of their choice.


Custom background via URL
Apart from the premade customizable backgrounds, members can also insert a URL to their own image to use in the skin.


Customizations inherited
The background customization is inherited and used in other sections of the design (maintitle bars, icons, etc), creating a unique cut-out effect.


"Settings" Template File
This skin includes a settings file allowing you to easily enable or disable features within the skin. This makes modifications and upgrades very simple since no code changes are required.


Customizable topic view
Users can choose whether to use a simple layout for the topic view (no user info or signatures), or stick with the traditional layout.


Guest message
A customizable message is shown to guests, prompting them to either register or login to your forum.


Social links
Social links can be enabled/disabled and customized to your own URL using the Settings file, allowing you to easily link to your social network pages (facebook, twitter, etc)

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Tooltips for descriptions
Forum descriptions can be placed inside animated tooltips (if enabled using the Settings file), resulting in a cleaner layout.


Extra Links dropdown menu
If you have too many links and there isn't enough space in your navigation bar, you can enable the dropdown menu using the Settings file to neatly contain extra links.

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Tooltips for descriptions
Forum and topic descriptions are now placed inside animated tooltips, resulting in a cleaner layout.


HTML text as logo
Changing the logo text is extremely easy by modifying the HTML text. If required, the text can be replaced by an image instead.


Collapsible search box
To reduce clutter, the search box is hidden by default and can be activated by clicking the Search icon at the top right corner of the design.


Animated navigation bar
Hover over the navigation links for a smooth, animated css3 scroll effect (Firefox 4, Safari & Chrome only).

Click here to download this file

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OMG, what a fantastic theme. Having just converted from vBulletin to IPB, me and my board skinner are still deciding which templates we are going to use.

I have two questions though (that's also for the two other IPB 3.2 compatible skins on your site):

* you can change the background and color of the skin. You mention that users are allowed to do so. Can we disable this function and only allow mods/admins to do so (or even allow a certain usergroup)?
* can we use one skin, but then use one background for forums 1-5, and another background for forums 6-10?

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There is no page numbers if there more than One page in topic

Are you sure? That bug hasn't been reported by anyone else yet and I'm unable to duplicate it myself..

If you can get a screenshot or a live example, I'll take a look (although support is only offered on my forums). :)
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