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My name is Omri and I've purchased my license about six years ago, even though I've been using Invision Power Board/IP.Board for much longer. at the time the Lifetime licenses were no longer available, so I went for the next best thing - the Perpetual license. when I purchased the license it was said that, as the name implies, it is perpetual. could have purchased the cheaper license, but no, I loved this system (I still do) enough to "commit". it was obvious though that the support, if needed, should be renewed yearly. so it did happen and I needed support, so I renewed it several times. these days, I honestly think I need no support (not pretending to be an expert, but I like trying to solve things on my own), so obviously I need not to renew the yearly support.

Today, to my surprise, after installing the dashing new IP.Board 3.2.0 (which is truly a work of art!), realized I am not actually a customer. the "Customer Lounge", as you put it, "for the exclusive use of current IPS customers" is not open to me.

OK then, let's just say for the sake of argument that the customer lounge is actually an extension of the yearly support I did not renew and the name is misleading. that's just fine, but there's more to it.

Inside the actual IP.Board 3.2.0 system I have just installed and purchased a perpetual license for, I found this:


Now I haven't found the time to further explore the system, and perhaps find more of this little "messages", but that single "message" of how a built-in feature of the system is unavailable to me, a person who has purchased a perpetual license, was quite surprising.

External applications such as the IP.Downloads were never available without an additional purchase, but to deny a feature or function built in the same system I purchased with the promise of owning the right to use it as I wish, indefinitely, seems like an attempt to bully me into renewing the support. what's next? no calender? no fast reply?

I, dear sirs, am a client. I spent valuable money on your wonderful products not too long after it was free to use, because it was worth it. I am not asking to be spoiled. I am only asking to receive what I paid for.

This, if I may speak openly, is a violation of our agreement on your part.

Thank you,

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Please login to your client area and click your license under your purchases. It will explain what is and is not included in your license. We have not changed our policy that applies to your license type and continue to honor the terms under which you purchased.

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