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Download: AddFriend On Register


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File Name: AddFriend On Register
File Submitter: TheHappenen
File Submitted: 25 Jul 2011
File Updated: 30 Nov 2011
File Category: Applications

AddFriend On Register By BBResource

This application allows you to enable the use of someone automatically being added to that persons friends list and also allows you to create a custom message for new users. Different people can automatically be added to their friends list using Member ID's. Depending on if you have 1 person or as many people are on your board it doesn't matter. This application is very user friendly, and useful if you want your NEW members to have a good experience. They would know who to contact or who to go to right away to get what they needed.

This app is like Myspace when Tom is instantly added to the friends list.

This application is a one-time fee. If you purchase this and a new update comes out you "WILL" be able to download that new one for free.

- Settings And What They Do -

  • Enable Or Disable To Add Members to friends list upon registration on both new and current accounts.
  • Member ID - Allows you to choose one person to add on their friends list upon Registering
  • (Optional) Other Member ID's - Allows you to put a unlimited amount of Member ID's to be added upon Registering
  • *UPDATE* Enabling this will put new accounts on the current members id friends list also
  • Enable or Disable Auto Welcome Message
  • Able to Choose a PM Title and PM Message

We hope you enjoy this application!


8/2/2011 -

There are also bug fixes in 1.1.0

8/2/2011 -
Made it so that the new account is added to the member id's friends list.
Added Auto-Welcome Message with the option to enable or disable the message.
Also added a update URL so once you have it installed you can always check for updates!


Click here to download this file
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Ok, I must be doing something wrong because I can't get it to send a PM or add a friend. I enabled both options, so is there another place I am not seeing to enable? I have it set to Member ID-1, which is me, so I am stumped.

Not that I don't believe you can you take a screenshot of that settings page?
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