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(DP32) Top Shouters


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File Name: (DP32) Top Shouters

File Submitter: DawPi

File Submitted: 25 Jul 2011

File Category: Utilities

With this very simple hook you can show X top shouters from IP.Shoutbox on your main board page.


  • enable/disable mod,
  • choose which groups can see this list,
  • set your own title,
  • set how many positions you want to show.

here to download this file

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Open hook.xml file.


$shouters[] = $r;

Add Above:

$r['members_display_name']    = IPSMember::makeNameFormatted( $r['members_display_name'], $r['member_group_id'] );


'select'    => 'm.members_display_name, m.member_id, m.members_seo_name',

Change to:

'select'    => 'm.members_display_name, m.member_id, m.members_seo_name, m.member_group_id',

After that save this file and reimport is a hook.

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