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We had an old system at work for handling lots of different API's built into an old custom framework which was huge and nothing to do with API's... so a waste of time really.

Anyways I built a custom framework using a few core files, php-activerecord and memcache. The whole thing is running on apache and these are my benchmarks so far:

1020ms~ on the old framework
200ms~ on the new framework
60ms~ with memcache.

I was really pleased with these results and ran concurrent tests using apache 100 requests with 100 concurrants and it came back in 2000ms~ (this was not with memcache).

Thats a total of 10,000 requests. So I was happy with that. I think it was a number of things contributing to this but it was my first date out with memcache and I definitely love the ease and performance it gives.

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