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IPB 3.2 Editing a topic outputs bbcode view


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OK so i created a topic using the rich text editor that consisted mainly of bullet points (two lists)

like so:

  • here is a bullet list
  • and another line
  • something else
  • and for good measure another line
  • edit another line
  • another line

second list needed for other stuff
  • line for this list too
  • I want another line
  • etc etc
  • last one again for good measure

a day later I went back and edited the first list by adding another item to it, and in RTE mode I got an unparsed bbcode output after saving.

Switched to simple editor and saved (thinking the bbcode would then parse) but it didn't.

PS: Seeing a different "quick editor" than in the released version of 3.2 as well.
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