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IPS Marketplace - Version Compatibility Filter

♥ Adam ♠

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Currently we can filter our search in IPS Marketplace down to the need for either IPB, blogs, gallery, IP downloads, IP content, Nexus, and Extra. Which is nice, but I'd like to take it 1 step further and be able to filter through version number compatibility.

Nothing is more disappointing or frustrating than not knowing right away, if a modification or style is compatible with the software version you are currently using....... Unless I actually read the full description and this provided, if the author even included that information (such details should be mandatory).

It would be really nice if I could simply click a button or something and narrow my search and filter out modification and styles which may not be compatible to the software I am using. Thus only bring up to view what is compatibly with my current version.

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This is a limitation of the IP.Downloads software at present. To be able to filter on version number, we would need to add custom-field filtering in the search. It's something we're considering for a future version.

Please do. It would be quite helpful here, and I imagine in other Downloads installations as well.
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