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Removing Photo Cropping to make "avatars"


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I just deployed 3.2 to our dev test area, and just learned about the sadness that is removing Avatars. I understand the logic and support it even however, this has crippled us in an area.

We have custom badges we make for our forum members that are 200x330. We used avatars for this, and people love them and have grown very adapted to them.

However, in 3.2 it forces a crop down to a square image, that is so small this badge is unusable for its purpose. Is there a way that we can add in settings to control where images are forced to be cropped? IE during forum postings it isn't cropped? Or disable it all together?

Until some type of solution can be developed, I am afraid we will be unable to use 3.2, it is that important to our community =(

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