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Search not great.


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I love IPB but one thing that really annoys me is the search feature.

If i use the simple search (not advanced) and search for "deleting administrator account" It returns no results. Even though i know there is a thread called "Deleting Original Administrator.

Surely a search containing two of the three words should trigger a result..

The problem is, people always tell you to search for the answer that "has been posted 100 times" but unless you nail the exact search criteria you get nothing....

Well, that's what appears to be happening every time i have tried a search on these boards.


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IIRC this site is using sphinx, and my personal sites return better info than this one does.

I'm not sure what the issue is personally, I just tried to find an old topic I know I posted and still can't find it.

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I also find my sites are usually easier to get results, even if not using sphinx.

It sort of renders the whole search feature pretty useless on this site. I hate creating new topics and would much rather find the information which has previously been posted.

It works on other large sites, so what is IPB/IPS doing so much different?

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Yes, an old topic, but this issue is still an issue for me.

I find myself having to create a new topic to find something that has probably already been discussed.

And then you get some smart guy saying "How to use the search feature" etc.

Can somebody give me a heads up to whether this is actually going to be addressed?

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