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BL-3.2.x Recent Topic and Posts


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File Name: BL-3.2.x Recent Topic and Posts

File Submitter: zbahadir

File Submitted: 18 Jul 2011

File Category: Promotion

Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.2.x

Recent Topic and Posts for board index page
The main page also displays the current topics and messages

Onyl IPB 3.2.x

Please upgrade to 1.0.1

Demo :

here to download this file

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It's what I look for in the forums. That puts me closer to the upgrade, when the time will come.
Two stuffs:

  • it doesn't detect the avatar of the last user that posted
  • is it possible to let the hook auto-.refresh like in the hook of Adriano "Topicos Recentes"?
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@zbahadir: I'm unable to load more than one, two topic at once. The default setting from admin cp is 15. It seems that does't read it.-
While in the previous version it follows the admincp setting.
Why? The forum is what I do have in my sig., and you see your hook at the end of the board index, on the statistics.

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also i've noticed, when there's only 1 reply to a topic, it only shows " 1 " instead it should say " 1 reply "

I have the same problem.

Instead of "1 reply" it says "1".

Also, it does not say "views" or whatever its supposed to say below the number of replies, its just writes a number.
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