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Download: (X32) Advanced Ignore


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File Name: (X32) Advanced Ignore
File Submitter: .Peter
File Submitted: 17 Jul 2011
File Updated: 23 Jul 2011
File Category: Applications

Please make sure you upgrade to version 1.1.0 if you are already on 1.0.0.. I found and fixed a massive bug in version 1.0 that practically made the application do nothing. Also if you know of anyone that has this installed on their board please pass on the word %7Boption%7D Version 1.0 has got to go!

Be sure to check the change log for the list of additions and bug fixes.

New Discussion URL: http://whatsite.co/t...dvanced-ignore/ - Please feel free to request help and/or give suggestions there!

I uploaded the new screen shots with the new Icon.

Advanced Ignore makes it easier and more convenient to ignore unruly members. Version 1.0 only takes advantage of current IPS available ignore features... Future versions may include added ignore functionality based on popularity.

This application adds three buttons to the IP.Board skin. Two on the hovercard popup and one on profile view. See screenshots for more information.

1. Extract .zip file
2. Upload contents of 'Upload' File to their respective locations.
3. Login to your ACP and Navigate to System->Manage Applications & Modules
4. On the right sidebar you should see under "Applications Not Installed" something called "(X32) Advanced Ignore", click "Install"
5. Enjoy!

Thank you for installing!

Click here to download this file

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get this error when I use the top bar-ignores button:

[Error] Improper System Use!

other then that it seems to work very well.

Oops. Sorry about that. To fix it go to ACP->Manage Applications & Modules Click Edit on the (X32) Advanced Ignore and navigate to the Tab Permissions.. Click "Yes" to "Hide for all current and future groups?".

The system is still working correctly per se. You can only actually use that tab if you're passing it a member ID (to pull up the ignore form) and by clicking the ignore tab directly you aren't passing it an ID. I'll fix that in the next version. Thanks for pointing that out.
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What is it doing in the new version? Still showing the tabs?

Edit: I just checked again... The tab permissions are set correctly on the application and on the other test installs I've done it hasn't had any issues.

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sorry it is different error, I have nobody on ignore but when I click tab I get :
[Err:XAI-110-005] A Member ID was not supplied.

even with someone on ignore it happens. I uninstalled and reinstalled (verified was new version) and this time I chose to overwrite existing db tables to see if that mattered.

I will log in as different member to see if its specific to my user id.

fwiw using dropdown menu seems to work well for me, its a great mod.

edit: happens to other members too. the members were imported from a DB backup, I created a brand new member and same error.

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You shouldn't see a tab %7Boption%7D .. That tab should be hidden from view. The error you're getting is what you're supposed to be getting... to ignore someone you need to click on the ignore button in their profile.

So the error you're seeing is supposed to happen basically how it works is you click a link in their profile and it redirects you to the application and it grabs their user id... so that way you can ignore them. If it doesn't have an ID it can't work.

Also this version doesn't change the database structure at all so overwrite and skip won't do anything.

So ideally you shouldn't see a tab.. I'm not sure why yours is showing up.

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well its easy enough to hide the tab, is it possible that something was cached causing it to stay enabled from previous version? I had unhidden right before uninstalling v1.
I would at this point suspect this is just a fluke and if tab is supposed to be hidden I can do that in 2 clicks :)

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