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Download: [mm31] Kontera - In-Text Advertising with member/forum options


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File Name: [mm31] Kontera - In-Text Advertising with member/forum options
File Submitter: Mod-Mall.com
File Submitted: 17 Jul 2011
File Updated: 24 Jul 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

This modification enables Kontera on your forum, which puts relevant in-text adverts into your website.

In-Text adverts are quite a large earner and from my research can make up around a 1/3 of a typical websites income (adsense being the other 2/3).

However like other adverts, these can be seen as an irritation by some visitors to your website. So what this modification does as well as inseting the Kontera code, is add options to either totally disable for particular usergroups or allow them to turn it off from their settings pages.

Basicly Disable Kontera...

  • For certain usergroups
  • For certain forums/categories
  • In certain usergroups posts

It also allows you to set if your members can turn Kontera on or off in their profile settings.

If you have any feature ideas, please submit them on my forum.

If you sign up to VigLink using the link found in the Read Me (or *here*), I earn a referral fee (this does not effect your earnings!)

Kind Regards,
John @ Mod-Mall.com

p.s Please note this modification is not endorsed by Kontera or it's owners, please check it is working correctly on your forum and report any bugs in the support forum.

Click here to download this file
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