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3.2 new header looks like one big mess


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It looks like someone threw all items at random.

We have 4 bars now (indicated above 1-4)
Each bar has a different color.
Why two searches? On a top of it they look totally different. Why the 1st search has a search button with "search logo" and the other has a search button with word "Search"?
What was the reason to create bar #4 just for 3 links?
#4 is a bar, not a part of categories, so why it's not same width as a header instead of being lined up with categories? Why it doesn't have a header like color instead of categories color?

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I understand that, but I still think it should be lined up with a header.

I don't understand how you think it'd look better in any other way?

it's aligned with all of the other content inside the forum? If it wasn't it would be the only bit of content that isn't aligned and would stick out and look ridiculous.
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