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Can't tab out of text entry box in 3.2


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In 3.1.4, if you were typing in a reply box, and you hit tab, the selection would move to the "post reply" button.

If you do that in 3.2, the selection doesn't go anywhere. In other words, you have to reach for the mouse / click to post a reply (or start a new topic). (Safari 5.0.5)

Also in 3.2, if the selection is in the Topic Title field, you have to hit tab twice to move the selection into the text entry field (even though the cursor appears in the text entry box after hitting tab the first time - text doesn't appear unless you hit tab again before typing).

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I can indeed reproduce what you say but It happens only in safari and chrome (which are both based on webkit), all the other browsers are working fine.

Post a bug report and we will try looking into it but no promises, it might be something in webkit itself which can't be fixed by us.

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In the bugs topic, in June, 2011, Matt said that this should be fixed in v.3.6.

I can't run Chrome on my main work machine. So until 3.6, I'd have to buy a new computer to be able to tab in and out of a text box.

Any idea on the release date for 3.6?

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