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The View new feedback is good, for members. However as a guest or as just looking to see what is new, before possibly logging in, accessing the view new content all I get is "nothing new". This is really no good. Might I suggest showing the new posts for the last X days when a user is not logged in and clicking the View new content?

This change is also good for IP.Mobile as clicking the "new content" button there just gives you "nothing new" as long as you are not logged in.

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Hmm, I must correct myself... found this in a blog post:

"Default VNC Method

A minor change, but one we have seen requested many times on these forums, we have added an ACP setting to allow the administrator to define the default "View New Content" method. You can now specify for your new users whether they should see "Content I have not read" by default, or "Content since my last visit". Users can still overide this when viewing the VNC results, but now you will be able to define the default that you feel is best for your community."

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