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(BIM34) Hide link and code


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It doesn't hide content in the code tag.

It works with code tag.

How can I change the message text ?

Open /hooks/bim_hidelinkcode_,,,php to change the message. Because I'm lazy to use language and template bit :kiss:

Does anyone know if this will have the quote to view the hidden link fault fixed anytime soon?

Not an error, because I just code a hook hidden in the posts.

This have hide the image too, how to fix that?

It's not an error. The function of this mod is hiding all the clickable link. Because your images are in the <a href ... > ...</ A> so it can understand a clickable link.

Please have the option to not hide the image tag.

Now I have not found a solution to make it do not hide images.%7Boption%7D
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Hi all,

What's New in Version 1.0.2

  • Added option hide image with link

I like how you make the option to hide the image or not hide the image. Before all image get hidden, now image show and only the links get hidden. I test it for a bit and it is working great so far.

This just become one of the must have great mod now! Thank you for implemented it, I just give you 5 stars. Thanks!
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