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3.2 Members list - river of white space in the middle


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Having been away for a couple of weeks I've come back to find beta 2 is installed here and everything's looking and working well (and better) - however there's one things that has niggled me since the initial beta of 3.2 and that's the members list.

Members take up three lines each - Title <newline> Joined <newline> Group - Post count

The between the left side and right side there's a massive block of emptiness ...

Couldn't Joined and Group and Post count be on the same line, in columns, so that it can sit centrally aligned (horizontally) with maybe the "likes" at the right-hand end?

Also, in the present view, the likes box indents the lower lines underneath the username so it doesn't all align to the same point on the left either.

Just some observations that I thought I'd share in case anyone else feels the same?

Shaun :D

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I think it's very necessary because some members may want to browse through to find interesting members. Although with the limited info shown It's not as helpful. If it had a summary like that "about me" tab shown in member list view it would be useful for someone looking to find interesting people.

edit: eh... did they totally take profile commenting out of ipb now? Not that I ever used it, but if they're so sure social media influences should be used, then commenting being taken out makes little sense as it's more useful than most other social media influences.

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