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Team leader?


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Would it be less pain to contact a "team leader" rather then the admin?
And what are the so-called team leader do?

If you lack of admins, you can always add admins and co-admins yourself after your own needs.

Didn't really understand what you are asking for.

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Sorry I'm not sure exactly why you can't just set this up with a custom usergroup yourself? So I will leave it alone.

I agree with R1Lover.

Why can't you just start a new group and base that groups permissions on a Global Mod and call it "Team Leader" or however you want? If you want more permission than a Global Mod, then use the group permissions from the Admin, but edit that group to not have as much power as an actual Admin. Sort of like between a Global Mod and an Admin. You can also do this in the ACP. This way you can make this group use the ACP, but with limited access such as "Add remove users without the pain of contacting an admin". Isn't that what you were asking for in your first post?
I used to have an old IP.Board before the one I run now and I created a new group using the Admin permissions. They were able to access and use the ACP, but were very limited to what they were able to do there. You can specifically set what parts of the ACP certain groups can access and use. Hope this help. If this still isn't what you're looking for, then I give up lol.
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Austin, I think a "Group Leader" feature would be nice and a handy way for delegation for people you don't wish to entrust with "Full Admin Privelages" to add someone to a specific group. Besides of that giving access to the adminCP(even though it is limited) will efficiently grant the specific person to modify all non-administrative group.

With the ability to give specific members the ability to only add people to one specific group(or remove them) this issue can be prevented.

Ironic enough I decided to use ones an open source software instead of this due to this specific feature missing(Was back in 2.3 though) ^^

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