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There is something strange in the new personal profiles.

dr. Jekyll

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There is something strange in personal profiles.

...in the old 3.1 the personal data (Member Title, Age, Birthday, Gender, Location, etc. etc. ) were separated by a "My Information" bar from the statis ( Group, Active Posts, Profile Views) : see here http://invisionfocus.../user/4-jekyll/

In the new ipb 3.2 in the personal data are written directly in the "Community Stats" and that do not make much sense both from a linguistic and a logical point of view.


I think it would be better if:

a) add also a bar that says "My Information" to separates "My Infomation" from "Community Stats";
b) change "community stats" in "My Information" after all the statistics are refered to the user
c) Remove the bar and the text "community stats" and have ( Group, Active Posts, Profile Views, Member Title, Age, Birthday, Gender, Location, etc. etc.) to be aligned on the left soon after stars
d) rename "Community Stats" in something else

Do not think that it does Seem an odd title? Do you have suggestions? :baby:

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