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Windows file permissions for IPB

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Hi all,

Currently setting up a server 2008 x64 machine for moving our forum to as it has outgrown its current hosts capacity.

Ive searched high and low but can not find any documentation on permission settings for IPB on a windows server.

Anyone have any links/docs on how it needs to be done?



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Easiest way to do it is to create a limited user for php to run under. Mine is called PHP_User. Give that user read and write access to the necessary folder in your IPB install. Set up the app pool for your site to use that user account to run PHP.

To change file permissions log in with RDP and use Windows Explorer to change permissions. It's done the same way you would do it on any Windows box. Right click the folder, select security tab, edit then add. Pretty straight forward.

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I use IIS 6.0 to allow each site to "Impersonate" the user for that site, thus allowing me to set permissions for that user on that directory.

Based on my past experience with IIS7, and IIS7.5, the process is interestingly similar.


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