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suggestion 3.2 on: PageSpeed tool


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Tools like this are very misleading.

For instance, the first thing it suggests is to leverage browser caching - that's a server-side setting, not a setting in the software.

We cannot combine all images into CSS sprites, because frankly it would make it too difficult for the average user to skin our software at that point. We have considered this, and have combined a FEW images into sprites, but for the most part this isn't realistic in software that you release. Of course you could do this on your own no problem if you are comfortable doing so.

We already have a setting to minify javascript - it must be disabled here at the moment.

Just for the "critical" things it lists. You can't go purely by a tool like this without knowing the background information and the capabilities of the software, and what is actually handled by software vs the server itself.

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