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Unread Notifications Bug?


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I don't know if this is intentional or if it even happens to anybody else, but whenever I have new notifications showing on the notifications icon at the top and I click to view the list of them, they're all bold meaning that they haven't been read. That's fine so far. When I click to view one of those notifications on the list, it takes me to the topic of the notification I clicked. That's fine too. However, when I go back to view the notification list again, all of the remaining notifications (that I have not viewed yet) are not bold anymore. I would understand if those that are not bold anymore are from the same topic I just visited, but many of them are from topics I haven't clicked to view yet. Shouldn't all the notifications I haven't viewed yet stay bold until I click to view them? Anybody else have this happen to them?

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Understood, but it would make more sense to keep those that haven't actually been clicked and read in bold so that we'd know to come back later and click and read them.

I agree, makes better sense to keep the one's we haven't clicked and read in bold so we'd know that we haven't read those yet.
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i've filed this as a bug and have been dismissed like a piece of garbage. (I'm getting used to it, no offense taken.)
This is "working as intended".
I beg to difer. And I suggested a fix.
Once I test this a bit I'll write an "howto".

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