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IP.Tracker suggestion


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Can we simplify the look of new tracker little bit?


I created/opened above issue.

bfarber replied.

Now under that I was actually seeing my first post which was same as first and which I even didn't posted.

Now, I replied.

Then it again moved that copied replies at the bottom.


There is new issue confirmation. But it doesn't say who confirms or not? Anyone can click yes and no. If it could say which user confirms it and if developer needs some more info they can ask to them but in our case, it's anonymous confirmation?


Why is the reply button on top?


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Regarding the duplicate posts - ignore all that, it seems today the Tracker templates got reverted to a very old build, and due to the PHP changes since then they weren't compatible - hence everything being a bit strange. It's now been resolved and is how it was yesterday.

Issue Confirmation will stay anonymous at this time, but is something I may look into in the future.

Reply button is on top, and is on every post, so it's everywhere. There isn't a reply button at the bottom as the whole fast reply form is there - redundant to have a button, you could always click 'More Post Options'.

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Would like to add though, that a third-party developer could easily do this - the information is there when someone clicks vote, we store the user ID - wouldn't be too hard to make a hook to show who has voted.

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