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Tag auto-completion for 3.2

KT Walrus

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Any chance that tag auto-completion could be implemented before the 3.2 release?

I've been playing around with the new tag system to see if I should use it for my site. I would like to be able to have auto-completion as the user types in a tag name, so that there is a greater chance that people use the same tags as often as is appropriate. I don't want users to be confused as to whether to use the plural of a tag name or some alternate spelling, The autocomplete suggestions would like the most frequently used tags that match the typing first.

Without autocompletion, I think I might have to go with a closed tag system where I have to list all appropriate tags for the forum, but I don't like this since it may be limiting and harder to maintain. Better to allow users to make up their own tags. I also don't know how good an interface this would be if I listed 100 or more possible predefined tags.

I think it might be better to have a big list of predefined tags, but have the option to do tag completion within the closed system. So, the user would be shown the preferred tags to use but still be able to type in new ones not in the list. Then, if I could moderate the new ones and decide to add them to the predefined list, then I could better control the tags used and still allow the users to request new tags to be added.

Anyway, the input of the tags just doesn't seem to be as finished as it should be to end up with good tags that can be used to find all related topics.

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