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"License Key Missing" in 3.2 B1

When Genius Prevailed

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I am impressed with the improvements/innovations IPS made to the overall core system. Moreover, I am looking forward to see how new versions of IP.Nexus, IP.Content, and IP. Downloads will enhance the overall developer and user experience.

However, I do have some feedback in regard to the current "License Key Missing" message.
In fact it is quite obnoxious for us licensed/legitimate users when it is obstructing system generated messages (often one cannot read system generated notifications due to the red banner that is overlaying the actual message).

Especially when one is developing on a development board which is fully compliant with the TOS/ License agreement.
I hope that IPS could incorporate a less intrusive method to combat piracy without taking away with usability of fully licensed users.

Kind Regards,

Cogito ergo sum

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As has been mentioned in other threads, the obstruction of the other system messages is a known bug fixed in an upcoming beta refresh. You should also have a read of this post: as you can now enter a test install key which does not consume your live license but does remove the message.

We do listen :)

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