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Easy logo changer suggestion


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This is an idea that occurred to me. With Blog, the function is built in to dynamically change the header to the Blog owners name, such as "Andy's Blog"

How about adding this functionality to the Look / Feel section so you can easily adjust the wording on the board's logo. :smile:

I would speculate the functionality is almost already there to do this as its done in Blog already. I would suggest the wording should be in the Look / Feel tab 'section' for this if it gets implemented as the board owner may not want the full name in the header, depending on the site name.

I do think this will be of benefit to many sites who retain the default skin apart from a slight header change, and it saves those who do not have anything suitable to edit a .psd time too having someone else change it for them.

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I always felt it was odd to see the "IPB" logo on a fresh installed board. I for one would prefer to have the default logo <YOUR SITE NAME HERE> so forces suggests that people change it.

I like the idea of having the text be dynamic as it is with the blog header. And a user can replace it with a graphic.

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