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First, verify that you have properly uploaded all files for the latest version. Make sure that when you upload these it overwrites the old files on your server, because FTP programs can sometimes fail to overwrite the old files and not tell you.

Next, go to the Admin CP, to the Look & Feel tab, and the Template Tools page. In the middle, under 'Rebuild Master Skin Data', click the boxes for 'Rebuild HTML', 'Rebuild CSS' and 'Subscriptions Manager', then click the Rebuild button. Then, on that same Template Tools page, use the 'Recache Skin Sets' section at the top to recache all skins.

Finally, go to the Look & Feel -> Manage Skin Sets & Templates page, click on a skin, then verify that you have reverted all templates in the Subscription Manager skin section for each skin.

If this doesn't fix it, PM me the details for your site (URL, Admin CP login & FTP) and I'll see why it's not working for you.

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Hi Michael

Where can I change the below paragraph?

To subscribe, simply select the radio button next to your subscription choice and then choose which payment method you wish to use below. Clicking on the continue button will bring you to a confirmation screen and may ask for more details depending on which payment method you've chosen. If you have any questions about your current or past subscriptions, you should contact a member of the administrative team who will be able to deal with any enquiries you might have.



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What exactly doesn't work properly after the reinstall?

It only shows 1 package that doesnt exist anymore.
I made 6 package to test, but then i noticed that they are not in the list.
And then i noticed that i have a older version of the application, so i am now upgrading.
Ill inform if that works, thank you.

Im sorry but this made me feel very stupid.
I forgot to check Administrator in the permissions, thats why i didnt see it.
Thanks anyway, i love this mod.
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On the registration page, the packages are ordered by their subscription cost (the subscriptions.sub_cost) field. If you want to change this you can alter the query ordering in this block of code in /admin/applications_addon/other/subscriptions/sources/classes/hooks/gateway.php:

       	 /* Get packages */

            $this->DB->build( array( 'select' => '*',

                                     'from'   => 'subscriptions',

                                     'where'  => 'sub_show_on_reg=1',

                                     'order'  => 'sub_cost' ) );


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