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Some Tagging Feedback and Questions

Al LeftLion

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Hi, I posted some of this in the technical support forum, but think it's probably more feedback than technical support.

1. To add tags to an existing topic you have to edit the topic and 'use full editor' rather than the inline editor. It would be great if admins / mods (or whoever you want) could add tags without having to go through that process, ideally not even have to edit, just have the editable tag field within the first post / header of the topic. Otherwise it takes a few too many clicks to be able to add them in.

2. Mass tagging, is there a way to do that, or is that planned at all? It's exactly the system i want to use but having to go through the above steps for every topic is not going to happen, it'll just take to long (>20,000 topics and that's not big compared to others i'm sure). If i could mark all topics within a current forum with a tag that would be a good start). I guess i could do that with some sql if not.

3. Displaying of a tags topics. You click a tag name, and it shows all topics marked with that tag, great. But it shows it in a 'search results' style, can this be done (via templating or an admin setting) so that the tag search shows like a standard topic. So the url looks like http://whatever.com/...php/tag/sometag and that page looks like a standard forum but with the tagname instead of the category / forum name? That would be really, really good.

What i want to get from tagging is to have just one forum with all content in it with a predefined list of tags. Then to be able to show all topics via tag name as if it were different forums (i hope that makes sense).

That way a user can choose to view all content regardless of tag or they can view just by tag/s.


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With the release of 3.2, would anyone else fine any of this useful? Particularly mass tagging, i really want to mark all topics within a certain board with a tag and then merge some boards togther and use tagging as a view filter.

The other things would also be very helpful, anyone got any thoughts?


What i'd like to be able to do is have all the boards merged into one and then have tags for each of our main sites categories (music, magazine, art, etc etc) that users can filter the main single forum by.
(http://www.leftlion.co.uk for the main site where you can see the site categories in the top nav)

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