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Recommending IPS


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I thought this was the best place for a 'testimonial' type post. If not, please click your heels 3 times and move the post. :)

I've now been an IPS customer for just over a month now and I have to commend IPS, not only because they make great forum software but because their service has been exemplary throughout!

Moving from SMF to IPB, I found the conversion process quick and easy. There were a few teething problems initially, but these were ironed out swiftly with help from IPS and these forum boards. Along the way, as I've found a few issues, IPS have been quick to respond and on many occasions have logged into my forums for me and fixed the problem directly. I did not expect this level of support as my forums are not hosted by IPS, but it seems the license is a ticket for some hands on help. This is absolutely ace. I also made a rather large mistake when it came to purchasing (I won't go into details) which could have cost me severely, but IPS were flexible and understanding, resolving the situation very quickly.

I've found the staff on the forums to be incredibly personable and they interact with their customers so much, and the community that's been built here is brilliant.

Great so far, can't wait for IPB 3.2.


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