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Download: [mm31] Tynt - Add links to copied content


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File Name: [mm31] Tynt - Add links to copied content
File Submitter: Mod-Mall.com
File Submitted: 22 Jun 2011
File Updated: 24 Jul 2011
File Category: Hooks and Plugins

What Tynt Does
In short Tynt adds a link to content copy and pasted from your site, this obviously helps your SEO and also provides a decent link for more visitors.

You can find loads of information at http://www.tynt.com/publisher-tools

Example... Try to copy something from this page (selected at random), then past it into a forum post...

What This Mod Does
This mod inserts the javascript in your header template, saving you from having to edit or revert your templates every upgrade.

It also has built in conditionals to allow you to configure who the script is active for

I hope you all like it, if you do please rate it and consider...

Instructions for install are included in the ZIP file (two steps)

Click here to download this file
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Hi Gaffney, you will need to remove the code from your templates. As it will count a page view twice.

Once you've done that just put the UA Code in the modifications settings, and you should be it will activate and start tracking.

You won't lose any data by doing this

The above is copied from mod-mall.com. Where is the link? Or am I doing something wrong?
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Maybe President Obama should deliver next year’s State of the Union at the Friars Club.
Last night, the commander in chief unfurled a string of sharp-as-a-tack one-liners at the annual White House Correspondents' Dinner — many of which slammed square into his potential Republican foe Donald Trump, who was sitting in the audience at the gala.
As a stern-faced Trump looked on, Obama spent a good portion of his monologue mocking his putative run for the White House and the New York real-estate mogul’s “birther” stance.

This has been taked from linked NY Post article. Still no URL.
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