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Auto Grouping Spam Members


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I've noticed this, if you report mark a user as spam (at least in 3.1.4) via ACP, it does NOT change the group they are in even if you opt to ban them. At least with the methods I'm using anyway..

I'd imagine it would be slightly more productive to move them to a new user group automagically .. That or have spam members migrated to their own specific group as soon as flagged.


Member 1 = Seen as good > Group 1
Member 2 = Seen as spam > Group 2, hidden by default from all views out side of ACP
Member 3 = Manually banned > Group 3, default Ban Settings and view filters applied

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We have noticed something similar. The issue related to this seems to be for us that members added to the SPAM group can still PM our moderators. Is there a way to stop that? I don't see any way of controlling the permissions of Spam Members separately.

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Technically speaking, if they are flagged out right as spam you can set the actions setting should be "When a member is flagged for spamming" under Security & Privacy in ACP (on 3.1.4)

The main problem is, if flagged while in validating they stay in validating

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