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Pete T

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As with any application, there is no downgrade option. You can uninstall this version, get the previous one from the Marketplace in the previous version section, and install that instead.

I'm finding it hard to believe that this version is slowing your site down, seeing as how this version was all about stopping the issues that cause the site to slow down. It still sounds to me like you have either an old javascript file or modified templates somewhere.

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In addition to the issues above the shoutbox buttons have also stopped working.

I have deleted the js file and uploaded it again. I have reverted the css and changed the colours again. I have double checked all the templates and none have been adjusted so nothing to revert.

If you would like to take a look you will see that this is the case. You already have access to our site (www.imperium.co) so do feel free to do so. Please remember that you need to be logged in to see the shoutbox.

As a seperate issue the shoutbox has just used so much resource on our site I have just been informed by our host that the site has been disabled until it is fixed.



PS Image below showing execution change since updating shoutbox:


Edited by Azoun
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I had to flip my minify css/js back and forth once and recache all (from cache management not skin), buttons were inop until then.

I also had issues loading js scripts from google, as I usually do, maybe worth checking those 2 items Azoun?

Many thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated :)
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