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Pete T

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I see that you took over the shoutbox from Michael.

I am not sure if he brought it up, or if another user has..but, Michael had intentions on releasing another version in the near future that would allow users to "save preferences" as far as fonts, colors, size..etc..so that one wouldn't have to manually do it each and every shout.

Myself, and I'm sure several others would be happy if that is something you would be willing to work on and release in your next upgrade.

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Thanks for the app! It's definitely the most useful one in the marketplace.

My question is what the '@' is about before posts in the shout. This makes it seem like someone is being talked "at".

I just assumed this is what it always says behind the name of the person talking, but then a guest in my shoutbox talked "at" my alt account and now I'm really confused. I don't see how to make a general shout vs addressing someone.

Sorry if this has been asked before but it wouldn't let me search for the "@" character.

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I am probably going to look at a minor update for Shoutbox next week, I will only be looking at my Tracker for candidates for inclusion and it will not be a big update codewise I just want to have a fiddle in the internals to get a better feel for the application going forward.

Off on a steam fan rail trip back monday.

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