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SQL Export problem - Solved!

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So I was having a play about on my local host forum earlier, and I wanted to import the live forums database so I went to export it from the phpmyadmin. The entire database exports perfectly with the exception of the posts table - there are close to 400,000 posts and if I select that table to export with the rest of the SQL file it only exports 25,000 posts, and if I try to export posts on it's own it only exports 50,000.

Is there a particular limit to how much you can export on phpmyadmin? Should I be taking back-ups a different way?

No major issue, just a little bit confusing and worrying as this prevents me from taking secure back-ups of my forum.

Edit: the minute I posted this thread I had another look and there was a maximum length of 50,000 lines. :smile:

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